Two Stroke World was started two years ago (2013) by my brother (TOM) and I (NICKOLAS). It was and still is our hobby. WE started off buying a Cagiva Mito before even having a motorbike license.

Tom many years ago raced Motorbikes and was big in modifying to get the most HP out of them. Back when he was 16 he had a 50cc Bike that he would always be modifying to get faster. he achieved 130kph out of the 50cc bike for a short time.

We both played with RC buggy racing which took us around Australia and a few places around the world. 

Now we have a nice collection of motorbikes and also looking to add to our collection.

We restore about 2 to 3 a year and sell. Our bikes are not just restored to original but our engines are rebuilt with the best and latest parts. we have an engineer to help us with engine work including crank rebuilding and balancing. Our bearings are searched for each engine for the max RPM required. 

Porting of the barrel and crank case is all done by Tom. The amount of hours or days to port an engine is huge but something never rushed. The timing is made to give great torque and high horse power. We also can customise to the owners requirements. 

We only use Zeeltronic ignition to achieve the power and performance. With our own testing to make our own maps.

We have a few contacts around Australia and over seas to help make our Bikes the way we want. And we are always working to make our bikes better with the latest technology.

We are happy to run and support Hi-Tech oils. Very happy with the 2 stroke oil after a lot of testing. 

Our bikes are sold with on going support. we want to know what the owner thinks of the bike and strongly ask to keep in contact.

We don't want to make money out of our bikes, its a hobby and want others to enjoy the classic but a modern twist Motorbikes.  

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