Suzuki rgv250 vj21 PEPSI Our first Suzuki RGV. Standard apart from mild port work. Being a vj21 we decided to part it the famous PEPSI colours.

​Cagiva Mito Bought The mito with a blown motor. Very impressive bike and easy to ride. could handle more power. rebuilt and close to standard. Had arrow exhaust chamber and mild port work. 

Cagiva Mito This bike has issues and we still have this bike. it will be our test bike. going through major modification. fully ported, tz rod, wossner forged piston, 38mm carby, zeeltronic ignition, nikkon racing exhaust chamber.

​Aprilia rs125 1999 ROSSI We decided to go all the way with this Aprilia RS125 1999 model. Painted in ROSSI colours. Fully ported engine, 34mm carby, zeeltronic ignition, tyga exhaust, Result was great torque and smooth revving all the way to 1300rpm. Smooth and powerful!

​Aprilia rs125 2008​ Like new with only 400k's on the clock. only mod was a Arrows exhaust. 

​Cagiva Planet125 What a cool bike. Rebuilt engine, mild port work, derestriced exhaust. 

​Kawasaki KR250 1984 we have a few KR250's. this one had a rebuilt engine with our custom o-ring heads. higher compression to make up for no exhaust valves. we have plans for the KR in the future. 

​KTM 380 ​A bitch to kick start! but a great big bore motocross bike. Huge torque. 

Aprilia RS125 2008 Like new. 

Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 Lucky Strike our first fully worked RGV. fully ported. forged pistons. high compression. tyga exhaust chambers, zeeltronic ignition. very fast bike. putting out 64.8HP at the wheel. still very smooth power delivery.